What is Sugar Glider Daycare?  Sugar Glider Express is a home, simply put, for any, and all gliders that are needing help. 

We are an Adoption Center, a Rescue Center, and we welcome Sponsorship of sugar gliders.

Please read more about our separate divisions.

Sugar Glider Adoption
Are you interested in adopting a glider from our glidery? 

View our list of gliders available for adoption! Would you treat your glider with love and care?  If we have any gliders currently up for adoption, you may fill out an adoption application by clicking here so we can find the right glider for you.

Sugar Glider Rescue
Do you currently have a sugar glider you would like to give away?  Or perhaps have one that needs some attention or medical care?  There are a number of reason why you might be needing to give your glider away, whether its health related, money, or time, we have heard the reasons and are here to help. If you have a glider needing to be rescued, please fill out this short form to tell us more about the glider and to make the rescue arrangements.  We will contact you shortly after you submit the form.

Sugar Glider Sponsorship
Some have asked us, is it possible to sponsor a glider?  The answer is yes!  If you cannot own, or adopt a glider, but still would like to help in the life of the little one, you may make a donation of any amount to aid in the recovery, health, well being, and happiness of any of the gliders in our facility.  Click here for the sponsorship application and details of what sponsorship includes, as well as a gallery of our gliders that you can sponsor.
Thank you for your sponsorship and caring heart.  You can make a difference.

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